Green Schools – Energy Flag


March 2017

Dear Families,

We  in Rolestown N.S. are working towards our second Green Schools Flag

for Energy.

Please help us save energy by reducing our waste.

Please help us eliminate:   tinfoil


                                           and sandwich bags from our lunches.

Let’s just use beakers for our drinks and boxes for our lunches.

Let’s be part of the Box & Beaker Club!

Thanks for all your help –  we really appreciate it!


From the Green Schools Committee

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Annual Spring Clean

The Rolestown/Kilsallaghan  Annual Spring Clean will take place next Saturday, the 25th of March:

Meeting at:  Rolestown Hall at 10am

The Green, Kilsallaghan at 10 am

All welcome!

Help clean up our local roads and laneways.


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Rolestown’s Got Talent 2017

This gallery contains 32 photos.

Rolestown’s Got Talent What a fantastic show we were treated to today! Huge congratulations to all our superstars who took part. Many thanks to Ms.McMahon and  Ms. Carney who invested a lot of time and effort in making the show … Continue reading


Peace Proms 2017


Our school choir, under the leadership of Ms. Lawler and Mrs. Bailey took part in the Peace Proms 2017, in the R.D.S. last Saturday evening.

For more than two decades now, the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland has been using the beautiful medium of music to bring together young people from all parts of Ireland, both North and South.

A fabulous evening was enjoyed by all as spectators were treated to a wide variety of songs, dance and music.

Well done to all involved, as a lot of hard work and learning of new material was involved.

We are very proud of you!


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Green Schools News


Dear Parent,

We are in the process of applying for our second Green Schools Flag – the Energy Flag.

To achieve this we must retain our current flag for recycling by:

  • Ensuring we are recycling as much of our waste as we can
  • Ensuring we are recycling as well as we can

by using the REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE maxim:

REDUCE: Let’s be careful with our lunches

Beakers and (lunch) boxes are best.

Try not to use any packaging where possible:

– clingfilm and sandwich bags are not                                                                                                               recyclable

-soft wrapping e.g. popcorn bags are not                                                                                                     recyclable

-tinfoil is recyclable but do we need to use it?

REUSE: Try to reuse plastic bags, tinfoil, plastic bottles whenever we do use them

RECYCLE: clean, dry: paper, cartons, cardboard, strong plastic wrapping and bottles

Remember, recycling saves energy, key to our energy saving quest!

We will be keeping in touch, updating  and sharing energy-saving tips with you. …


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Coach G – inducted into Hall of Fame


Coach G has been inducted into the Hall of Fame at Virginia Tech, his alma mater.


We’re delighted his contribution to basketball and community life has been honoured and recognised.


Mr. O ‘Flaherty wrote a poem about Coach G, which the senior classes recited.


Always a legend to us and now a legend ‘Stateside’. Thanks for everything Gerald!

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Peace Proms 4th February

Peace Proms Information Note – 1st February 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

  • The Peace Proms Concert is on this Saturday, 4th February 2017 at 8pm.
  • The choir will travel to the concert by bus. Children must be dropped off at the school at 4.45pm. The bus will leave at 5pm sharp.
  • The children are seated in the red zone of the RDS. Please sit in the red section of the audience in order to see the children from our school. A red light will be shining up onto the stage to show the red zone.
  • There will be no bus returning to the school. Children can be collected at the red zone after the concert. Please make alternative arrangements for your child if you will not be at the concert to collect them afterwards.
  • Children must bring a small snack consisting of a small sandwich/roll and a small treat. Children will also need to bring a small, plastic bottle of water. Snacks should be in a small bag which can be sealed.
  • Our school choir are performing as part of a large choir and must wear a choir uniform. This consists of a white top and dark coloured bottoms. No logos or writing should be visible on the top. Children may wear runners or other comfortable shoes.
  • Tickets for the concert are on sale at They are priced at €15.50 each or €13.75 each for groups of 4 or more people i.e. €55.00 for a family of 4. Please ensure you purchase a ticket for the correct date and time.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the concert.

Ms. M. Bailey and Ms. E. Lawler

Here is a link to a short video of the Peace Proms concert which took place in Liverpool last weekend. Enjoy!

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Newsletter January 2017

Rolestown National School


23rd January 2017.

Dear Parent,

Welcome back for 2017, we’re looking forward to another busy term.

Dates for your diary:

  • Tuesday January 31st – School closed for PDST staff training day.
  • Wednesday February 1st – Closing date for Junior Infant enrolment for

                                                 September 2017.

Thank you to all who are observing our safe set-down and parking guidelines.

  • School road is for set-down only.
  • The roundabout should be clear at all times to ensure the steady, safe flow of traffic.
  • Our disabled parking spaces are for permit holders only.
  • Children should enter school via pedestrian gates, please don’t cross carpark gateway

The official school day is from 8:50am to 2:30pm, in the case of Junior and Senior infants until 1:30pm.  The Board of Management is not responsible for the safety of pupils/parents on school grounds including playground outside of these hours.

We continue to promote Healthy Eating in school and thank you for your co-operation.  We are participating in the Food Dudes programme over the next few weeks.

Our Green Schools Committee is up and running and are encouraging us all to REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE.

A huge thank you to Leone and her team of coaches for giving every class in the school an opportunity to engage in very comprehensive gymnastics.

The school choir is participating in the Peace Proms concert in the R.D.S Ballsbridge on Saturday 4th February at 8pm. Tickets available on Peace Proms website

The school quiz team is taking part in the Credit Union Inter Schools Quiz on Sunday 5th February at 11a.m.

Rolestowns’ Got Talent is up and running and we’re looking forward to a performance before mid-term.

A massive congratulations to Coach G, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in North Carolina on January 14th.

Our school basketball team start their 2017 campaign in February.

Once again I thank everyone for their Annual Contribution, as you know it helps us fund our extra-curricular programmes and allows us enter and participate in inter-school events.  It also goes towards enhancing our curricular areas by paying each pupils subscription to Accelerated Reading, Bua na Cainte and many other online programmes and finally it helps us to make up the shortfall in the day to day costs of running a large modern building.  Contributions may still be paid to Vera in the office or by direct debit.

Finally may I offer our congratulations to Marie Bailey who has been appointed our new Deputy Principal and wish her every success in her new role.


Yours sincerely,



Ann Ryan,


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GYMNASTICS FUN. Every child in the school participated in classes with North County Gymnastics Club and it was a big hit!

img_0577 img_0584 img_0594 img_0596img_0601 img_0603 img_0610 img_0612 img_0598img_0615 img_0616 img_0620 img_0621 img_0632 img_0634 img_0637 img_0638 img_0653

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Enrolment for 2017/18

The closing date for enrolment for 2017/18 is Tuesday  31st of January. Forms can be downloaded from the school website or collected from the office.



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Mr. O’Flaherty’s Mummers entertain us all!

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Roletown gets into the spirit of Christmas! Well done to all involved!

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