Parents Association AGM

Parents Association
Rolestown National School
Wednesday 14th October, 2015

Dear Parent,
You are cordially invited to attend Rolestown National School Parents Association AGM which will take place on Wednesday 14th October, 2015 at 8.30 pm in the School.
The main aim of our Parents Association is to build an effective partnership between our children’s school and home life. A large number of current serving members are resigning from the Committee this year and therefore we need new members. It is really important that each class has representation on the Committee. Remember the Parents Association is your opportunity to be involved and make a difference in the school community.
If you would like to be nominated but are unable to attend the AGM please complete the attached form and return it to the Parents Association box on or before Tuesday 13th October, located in the foyer of the school.

The following agenda items will be addressed:
• Minutes of last meeting
• Matters arising
• Chairpersons report
• Treasurers report
• Election of new members onto the Committee
• Election of Board of Management representatives
• Any other business
• The School Principal Mr Tom Kelleher will address the meeting

If you would like an item added to the agenda please put this in writing (no later than Tuesday, 13th October) and place in the Parents Association Box.
The Parents Association have two parent representatives that sit on the Board of Management of the School. We are seeking nominations from the parent body for these two positions. These elections will take place at the AGM. Parents interested in putting their names forward should contact Sinead Lee on 0867908611 in advance of the AGM. Please note nominees must be a member of the Parents Association Committee for 2015/2016 and must also be present at the AGM.
Your involvement and feedback help to shape the school environment for your children. We look forward to welcoming you on the night.
Yours sincerely,
Antoinette O’Brien
Parents Association Secretary
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Rolestown National School Parents Association
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