School Newsletter- June

school crest


Dear Parent,

As we head towards the summer holidays school is busier than ever. We have had three football finals, two basketball finals, our concert, our major fundraiser and several school tours.

We are closing on Wednesday June 29th at 12 noon. The teachers are back in on the 30th to work on the new English Curriculum, which will shortly be introduced.

The school reports are ready to go and we would be obliged if you send in a stamped addressed envelope before Friday so that the report is guaranteed to reach you.

At the moment we are organizing Accelerated Reading Scheme for next year. Would you please check that none of our books are lying around your home. We would dearly love to have them back. Any other books that you have that might be suitable for our library, we would gladly take also.

The Annual Horticultural show will take place on Monday 27th June.

School Disco for 5th and 6th class is on 23rd June in Kettles Country House Hotel 7-9pm

6th class graduation ceremony will take place on Tuesday 28th June at 7pm.

We recommend that you apply suncream to your child before coming to school on fine mornings. It is better not to have the cream in school bags or pockets.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Kelleher (Principal)