Horticultural Show- Monday 27th June

Our seventh horticultural show will take place next monday. Last year was again a great success.It allows children to showcase their creativity and imagination. Please let the children do as much of the work as possible. A child may not enter more than 3 exhibits9 from different categories. The class who put in the best effort will win the trophy. Every student who enters gets a pencil and will have their name placed in a draw for some cool prizes.

Here are the categories:

  1. Item of fruit, vegetable or herb grown in your own garden.
  2. Vase of wildflowers or flowers from your own garden.
  3. Painting or photograph of flowers, vegetable or garden insect.
  4. Model made from fruit/ vegetables
  5. Best dressed or painted hard boiled egg.
  6. Miniature garden.
  7. Baking- cake, buns, bread or biscuits. 5 on a plate.
  8. Mini Scarecrow.
  9. Decorated Wellie
  10. Miniature exhibit with a 1916 theme

Please make sure every entry has your childs name and class on it, as these will be needed for the prize draw.

On the morning of the show bring entries to the sports hall. Parents can view the show from 1pm. Please bear in mind that all the children who finish at 1.30 will bring their exhibits home at this time.

The teachers baking competition where children are the judges will also take place. The draw for the prizes will take place Tuesday morning in assembly and the trophy will be presented to the winning class.

Name:__________________________          Name:_______________________

Class: ___________________________         Class:_______________________

Exhibit Name:_____________________           Exhibit Name:_________________hort3