Book Rental- Final Week


Must be returned by the 5th May at the latest 

Forms were sent home last week for our Book Rental Scheme and can be downloaded from the school website or collected from Ms Vera in reception.

We operate a Book Rental Scheme in the school. We are doing this to help keep costs to parents to a minimum. Our book rental scheme hopes to save parents a lot of money, especially as the children get older. Parents will pay between €10 and €25 each year. This money is used to buy class sets of textbooks and class novels, which will be used by the children in the school. These books should last several years and will normally be replaced because they are out of date, rather than because of the condition of the books. Parents of children who lose or damage a book will be asked to replace the book. This means that you will only have to purchase some workbooks, copies and some smaller items at the start of each school year.


  • €10 Junior Infants to 2nd Class 2nd
  • €25 for Third Class to Sixth Class. ( this is because the senior classes have a lot more text books)

More information can be found on the school website about the Book Rental Scheme under frequently asked questions

Book Rental 2017 

Many thanks,

Ann Ryan