November in Senior Infants

Our theme for November was ‘homes and locality’.  The children learned all about the different types of homes they live in and also about all the services and amenities in our local area.  During Aistear they had great fun running a busy restaurant and took on the roles of chefs, waiters, waitresses and customers.  At the writing table they designed their own menus with their favourite foods for the restaurant.  They created some lovely prints using paint and various food and used chalk to complete colourful fruit bowls.  They built lovely homes and buildings in our small world area.  They designed and created their dream homes complete with swimming pools, playgrounds and even fun fairs and water parks!  We read the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ and at our investigating table they experimented with rocks, bricks, straw, sticks etc to build a strong house and tested it with a fan to see if the big bad wolf could blow it over! At the play dough table the children created their favourite meals.