Padlet Resources and AR Quizzes

Online Padlet Resources:

Following on from last week’s survey we found out that a lot of children are using tablets and phones for learning at home. We have created suitable padlets for each class level that should contain appropriate learning resources, and should be easily accessible from these devices. These resources will be updated weekly to reflect the work being sent out.

Junior and Senior Infants

1st and 2nd Class

3rd and 4th Class

5th and 6th Class

Accelerated Reader:

We have opened the AR system which means kids can log on at home 9am- 7pm Monday to Sunday.

This is for 3rd class to 6th class only. These children have usernames and passwords already.

To do this, the parents will need the link below:

Your child should be able to login here to do quizzes on any novels they have read. They can check quiz numbers and books that have quizzes on