Remembering Term One of Senior Infants.

Senior infants were very busy in our first term.
In September, we role-played the school secretary’s office, learning all about the different people in the school that help us. We identified signs of Autumn, created our own checklists and went on a nature walk to see how many we could check off. We painted Autumnal trees using pegs and tinfoil instead of paintbrushes!

In October, we made up spells and mixed magical potions in our Witches’ Den. We made playdough from scratch. We discovered that if the playdough is too wet it goes all gloopy, but if you add some flour and mix it well it will turn back into usable playdough.
We learned about hedgehogs and their winter hibernation. We carried out an experiment to design and make a hedgehog hibernation nest to see if we could keep our ‘hedgehogs’ warm while they slept. We really enjoyed designing and building our nests, finding the perfect location for them on the school grounds. We recorded our field-notes on site like real geographers and scientists.

November began with planning our new theme – The Café. We worked in groups, discussing and designing our cafés. We took on roles of customers, waiters, chefs, delivery people, food suppliers, and café managers. We loved taking orders, setting the table, washing dishes, designing menus ans cooking and serving the food. Sometimes the manager had to deal with difficult customers who had complaints, but every customer left with a smile on their face. We discussed healthy and unhealthy foods and the importance of eating healthy food so that we have lots of energy to learn and play. We carried out experiments testing our five senses.

December brought the Post Office role play area to the classroom. We learned about the journey of a letter. We wrote letters to Santa thanking him for all of the wonderful presents he’s given to us. We made up addresses for our desks and posted letters to each other. They were sorted in the sorting office and the post-person on duty delivered them. We learned about 3-D shapes and wrapped up packages for delivery too. These needed to be weighed so that customers knew how many stamps to buy for them. We made salt dough decorations, and were busy crafting lots of imaginative decorations for our class Christmas tree and made lots of art for our Christmas show.

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