School Marathon Relay

This Thursday we are hosting an event in the school that involves getting everyone in our school to run the distance of a marathon; 42,195 metres. This is done in relay format. The relay is set out in a 100m circle. Each child will run between 100m and 200m depending on age.

This has been a very challenging year for fundraising, but any money raised will go towards school improvements next year. There is only one sponsorship card per family and it was given to the youngest sibling in the school.

We hope you will all try your best to raise money for the event as it will benefit everyone. Please send all money raised back in to your child’s class teacher by Thursday 3rd June. The class with the most sponsorship will win a prize, and all children who participate will receive some goodies and treats on the day.

Thanks to the Parents’ Association for organising this event and to Keogh’s for donating some yummy crisps! . We are looking forward to it !