Jun 2017


Our school community cares deeply about environmental issues and wishes to make positive changes in our environment. For this reason we are part of Green-Schools which is an international environmental education programme. In 2014 we were awarded our first Green Flag for Litter and Waste. We are currently working towards our second flag for Energy. Our Green Schools Committee with the whole school community are working together to increase awareness of energy issues and to improve energy efficiency in the school.

In keeping with our Green Schools ethos we:

  • Use lunch-boxes and beakers only for our lunches, i.e. reusable containers.
  • Avoid using packaging such as cling-film, sandwich-bags and tinfoil
  • Ensure our recyclable waste is not contaminated- we clean and dry it- e.g. rinse and dry our yogurt pots
  • Sort our waste daily into composting, recycling and landfill
  • Keep doors closed to keep the heat in
  • Switch off appliances and lighting when unnecessary

We look forward to working together to achieve our second flag soon and will be in touch in September with lots of information regarding the energy-crisis and tips regarding energy -saving.

For further information regarding Green Schools follow the link below .

Green Schools – Seven Steps




We hope to have our first green flag very soon, which is for Waste and Litter.

We have looked at our waste disposal throughout the school.

Using the maxim:  REDUCE,  REUSE,  RECYCLE,  we are trying to :

1   REDUCE the amount of packaging we bring to school with our lunches.

So:                            Let’s not use: Tinfoil, clingfilm, plastic bags or kitchen paper.

Let’s use lunchboxes only.

Let’s use beakers rather than plastic bottles.

All other waste/packaging, we hope to REUSE  or RECYCLE.



4th Feb 2017

Dear Parent,

We are in the process of applying for our second Green Schools Flag – the Energy Flag.

To achieve this we must retain our current flag for recycling by:

  • Ensuring we are recycling as much of our waste as we can
  • Ensuring we are recycling as well as we can

by using the REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE maxim:


REDUCE: Let’s be careful with our lunches

Beakers and (lunch) boxes are best.

Try not to use any packaging where possible – clingfilm and sandwich bags are not recyclable

soft wrapping e.g. popcorn bags are not recyclable

tinfoil is recyclable but do we need to use it?

REUSE: Try to reuse plastic bags, tinfoil, plastic bottles whenever we do use them

RECYCLE: clean, dry: paper, cartons, cardboard, strong plastic wrapping and bottles


Remember, recycling saves energy, key to our energy saving quest!

We will be keeping in touch, updating  and sharing energy-saving tips with you. …