We hope to have our first green flag very soon, which is for Waste and Litter.

We have looked at our waste disposal throughout the school.

Using the maxim:  REDUCE,  REUSE,  RECYCLE,  we are trying to :

1   REDUCE the amount of packaging we bring to school with our lunches.

So:                            Let’s not use: Tinfoil, clingfilm, plastic bags or kitchen paper.

                                  Let’s use lunchboxes only.

                                  Let’s use beakers rather than plastic bottles.

All other waste/packaging, we hope to REUSE  or RECYCLE.



4th Feb 2017

Dear Parent,

We are in the process of applying for our second Green Schools Flag – the Energy Flag.

To achieve this we must retain our current flag for recycling by:

  • Ensuring we are recycling as much of our waste as we can
  • Ensuring we are recycling as well as we can

by using the REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE maxim:


REDUCE: Let’s be careful with our lunches

Beakers and (lunch) boxes are best.

Try not to use any packaging where possible – clingfilm and sandwich bags are not recyclable

soft wrapping e.g. popcorn bags are not recyclable

tinfoil is recyclable but do we need to use it?

REUSE: Try to reuse plastic bags, tinfoil, plastic bottles whenever we do use them

RECYCLE: clean, dry: paper, cartons, cardboard, strong plastic wrapping and bottles


Remember, recycling saves energy, key to our energy saving quest!

We will be keeping in touch, updating  and sharing energy-saving tips with you. …