Friendship and Wellbeing

Friendship and its importance to our well-being has been our focus for the past and coming weeks. Using our Character Strengths helps us to be a good friend. Being true to ourselves, honest, brave, helpful, reliable, kind, different, forgiving .. You can see from our lovely pin-board exhibits what the Keys to Well-being are, how we can Bee Ourselves and how even though We can’t control the waves, we can learn to surf!

Welcome back to School

Three weeks into the new school year and all is well. It’s great to be back as we learn to keep safe, rekindle relationships and have some fun in the classroom and outside.

The children are engaging with the Weaving Wellbeing programme, an Irish-designed SPHE programme which teaches children evidence-based skills and strategies to develop positive mental health and well-being.
It is based on Positive Psychology, which is the science of well-being.
The aim of the programme is to empower children to become active participants in creating, maintaining and boosting positive mental health throughout their lives.

We are endeavouring to create a sense of belonging, a sense of safety, a sense of calm and connectedness and a sense of hope.

We are learning that while everyday may not be good, there’s something good in everyday.

These positive parts of our day we call our ‘Rainbow Moments.’

We are also learning about our Character Strengths and how and when we can use these to help ourselves and others.

Look at some of our lovely displays.