Admission Notice

Annual Admission Notice in respect of admissions to the 2021/22 school year.

Admission Policy and Application Form

A copy of the school’s Admission Policy and the Application Form for Admission for the 2021/2022 school year is available as follows:

Admissions to the 2020 / 2021 school year

Application and decision dates for admission to Rolestown NS in 2021 /2022
The following dates are applicable for admission to Junior infants.

  • The school will commence accepting applications for admissions on 7th January 2021
  • The school shall cease accepting applications for admissions on 29th January 2021
  • Applicants will be notified of the decision on their application by 19th February 2021
  • The period within which applicants must confirm acceptance of an offer 5th March 2021
  • Failure to accept an offer within the prescribed period above may result in the offer being withdrawn.

Note. The school will consider and issue decisions on late applications in accordance with the school’s admissions policy.

Number of places being made available during the 2020/ 2021 school year

The number of places being made available in Junior Infants is: 54

Christmas Traditions

Mr. Lynch’s 4th/5th class have been busy researching and creating some wonderful projects. We have been learning about the various ways Christmas is celebrated in different countries throughout the world.

Homes in Rang a Dó

This month Second Class have been very busy learning about homes and buildings. They have learned about the parts of a house and the people that are needed to build different parts of the house. They became architects and drew plans for their ‘Dream House’ and painted some fantastic Cityscapes of buildings in Dublin. None of this was as exciting as what they were working on this week. Each group made a plan for a new animal home and then gathered all of the materials they would need to build the home and brought it to school. The children spent all afternoon working as a team to create their animal homes and as you can see they are all amazing!