Junior Infants’ School Tour

Junior Infants visited Newgrange Farm last Monday for their school tour. They got to hold and pet some baby animals, feed some hens and sheep, play with water, go on a tractor ride (where they left the poor farmer behind!) and finish the day off with a picnic. Everyone had a brilliant day and there were some very sleepy boys and girls on the bus home!

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The incoming Junior Infants are welcome to visit the infant classrooms on Thursday  21st June at 1:45p.m. – 2:15p.m. We are looking forward to meeting you all.

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Dogs Trust

Audrey and Lucy came to visit Junior and Senior Infants. They taught us 3 very important rules:

  1.  Don’t touch a dog when they are sleeping, leave them alone.
  2. Don’t touch a dog when they are eating, leave them alone.
  3. Don’t touch a dog when they are alone, leave them alone

We also learnt how to use a safe hand when petting a dog we do not know.

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6th Class Disco

disco-e-cultura-e1519867963571The end of year disco for 6th class has changed to thursday 21st June, 7.30-9.30 in Kettles

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Basketball match

The basketball team had their first match of the year last thursday. They were narrowly beaten but some great performances in a very even game. Well done to all involved

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Hands-on Maths Fun

2nd Class had good fun exploring the topic of Area last week. They were measuring the area of their desktops using various everyday items as units of measurement, like their Maths books, envelopes, playing cards, copies and A4 sheets. They noticed that the smaller the object they used, the greater number of them they needed to cover the desktop.

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