Book Rental Scheme

   Rolestown National School

Book Rental Scheme 2019/20

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

We operate a Book Rental Scheme in the school. We are doing this to help keep costs to parents to a minimum. Our book rental scheme hopes to save parents a lot of money, especially as the children get older. Parents will pay between €10 and €25 each year. This money is used to buy class sets of textbooks and class novels, which will be used by the children in the school. These books should last several years and will normally be replaced because they are out of date, rather than because of the condition of the books. Parents of children who lose or damage a book will be asked to replace the book. This means that you will only have to purchase some workbooks, copies and some smaller items at the start of each school year.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a book rental scheme?

A book rental scheme means that the school will purchase all textbooks used in the school and parents pay a rental charge to the school each year for the use of these books. Any workbooks that are written into will still have to be bought but will be kept to a minimum.

Who owns the books?

The school remains the owner of the books in the scheme at all times.

What is the cost and when do I have to pay?

The Book Rental Fee will vary from €10 for Junior to 2nd class, €25 in 3rd to 6th class. The book rental fee should be paid by the 5th May, if you wish your child(ren) to join the scheme. This is to allow time for the school to order, cover and label the books for September, and to know how many of each book we will need.

Is there a Rental Deposit?

No. There is no deposit, but if a book is lost or damaged you will be asked to replace the book or pay for the replacement.

What are the benefits of having a Book Rental Scheme?

There are many benefits for both parents and pupils:

  • The scheme will greatly reduce the amount of money spent by parents on books each year
  • As the school is buying in bulk, there will be a discount on the price.
  • All pupils have access to a much wider range of textbooks, as the school will have a store of books which will build up over the coming years.
  • Back to school costs are spread more evenly during the year.

What if I don’t want to join the scheme?

The success of the scheme will greatly depend on all parents and pupils buying into the scheme. The school are buying full sets of class texts and novels for the classes. Should a parent not wish their child to be part of the scheme, then they would have to purchase all books that their child will be using in class. This would be hugely costly for parents.

Will the school be buying new books each year?

  • The school will need to replace sub-standard/ damaged books each year.
  • The school will purchase additional textbooks annually to provide a wider range of resources for our pupils.
  • The school has researched a number of book covering options which will help to extend the life of the textbooks.

How much is charged if the book is damaged or lost?

If the book is damaged and deemed unsuitable for the scheme, the book will have to be replaced. All lost books will have to be replaced.

Many thanks,

Ann Ryan